Friday, July 12, 2013

Where can I find BEDBUG #1 - PITTSTOP COMICS!

Bedbug #1 is out and is being carried by some of the finest comic stores!

PITTSTOP COMICS is the newest comic store to the valley. It only just opened this last October! It's a little tricky to find, but it's worth the trip!

What I love about Pittstop Comics is, while it is small, it is MIGHTY! Pittstop Comics is PACKED TO THE GILLS the newest comic books, a great selection of vintage comics, anime, toys and collectibles! They even carry independent comics by local creators in the valley (including yours truly!) - it's this super-friendly attitude towards the comic fan that makes Pittstop so great! That's why it's your friendly neighborhood comic store!

Tony, Marvin and Wolfgang are there to help you with your all of your comic, toy and collectible needs! They're very nice guys and I'm glad there's a new store in the area!

I'm proud to have BEDBUG #1 carried at Pittstop Comics - if you live or work in Woodland Hills or anywhere in the valley, make sure to get your copy there and tell 'em Bedbug sent ya!

6016 Fallbrook Ave
Suite 102
Woodland Hills, CA 91367
818 330-4517

Closed Mondays
Tuesday 12 - 7pm
Wednesday 12 - 8 pm
Thursday 12 - 7pm
Friday 12 - 7pm
Saturday 11 - 7 pm
Sunday 11 - 4 pm

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