Friday, July 18, 2008

Bedbug vs the Network

The 7th and final published Bedbug adventure is from Shooting Star Comics Unconventional Special #1 featuring the menace of the Network! First published in 2005

Bedbug and the Super Battalion!

Bedbug, the first appearance of the Super Battalion, an alien invasion and time travel! This adventure from Shooting Star Comics #6 has it all! First published in 2005.

Bedbug's Utility Belt

Here's Bedbug's adventure from Shooting Star Comics #5 featuring Bedbug's daughter Elvira - "Bedbug's Utility Belt." First published in 2004

Bedbug in the world's first playable comic!

"The Game of Death" is actually a "choose-your-own-adventure" style comic book story from Shooting Star Comics #4. Just look for the little numbered box in the corner of each panel and when you are given choice, find the panel with the corresponding number and continue reading from there! Good luck! First published in 2004.

Bedbug in Over the Edge

Presenting Bedbug's 3rd appearance from Shooting Star Comics #3 - "Over the Edge." First published in 2004.