Thursday, November 29, 2007

Secret Origin File #2: Grave Robber

Secret Origin File 002: GRAVE ROBBER
Real Name:
William Craven

Inspired by Silicon City’s colorful superheroes and villains, Billy Craven donned a skull-faced mask and Halloween skeleton costume to become… the Headstone!

Wait a second? I thought his name was Grave Robber? Well, read on!!

After a successful spree of fast-food and convenience store robberies, Headstone ran afoul of the hero Bedbug. Mortified by his lame super-villain name, Bedbug re-christened him the Grave Robber. Craven liked the name and has used it ever since.

Since in jail, Craven has dedicated himself to bettering himself in the hopes of taking his rightful place as Bedbug’s archenemy.

Weapons and Abilities:
During his robberies, Grave Robber carried his prized possession, a six-shooter owned by the 50’s mystery man; Quickdraw. He also carries a Sonic Shovel that creates vibrations strong enough to cut through metal or release a reverberating shock wave when slammed onto the ground. He is, at best, a mediocre hand-to-hand combatant.

(illustration by Sam Ellis)


Secret Origin File 001: BEDBUG
Real Name: Buddy Sprang

Growing up, young Buddy Sprang dreamt of being a superhero: a dream that was shattered along with his spine in a tragic accident. Confined to leg braces and crutches, seemingly to never walk again, he turned to the newly emerging Internet and made a fortune creating and selling one of the first search engines. Having to never work again, Buddy got a second chance at life when he and his physiatrist brother, Terry, created the Jumpin' Boots that allowed him to not only walk but jump up to a quarter of a mile! Realizing his childhood dream was within his grasp, Bud became a super-hero! As all the other "good" superhero names were taken, Buddy became the Mighty Bedbug and armed with an arsenal of gadgets, the Bedbug fights crime no matter where it hides!
“Sleep Tight or the Bedbug will bite!”
Background:Bedbug has two loves: his young daughter, Elvira, and being a superhero. He protects his home town of Silicon City from crime and a variety of costumed villains including Grave Robber, Player One, Scrapper, Jellyface, Meerkat and the Network.
Trained by the Vampire Bat; the costumed hero of the 60’s, Bedbug occasionally assists the Justice Battalion and while he has participated in several of their adventures, he has never been in outer space and has no desire to do so. Bedbug possesses greater than normal athletic skill, and is a moderate hand-to-hand combatant. He is an inventor and high proficient computer programmer. He often uses his smart mouth to quips his way through battles. He will always ask the villain to surrender before fighting and never gives up despite the odds against him.

Weapons and Abilities:
His search engine, Fetchit, was purchased by the Cassandra Corporation. Now independently wealthy, Buddy used his fortune to fund the creation of his Jumpin' Boots. The boots run a current up through his legs to a metal plate in his back - hyper-stimulating his leg muscles and nerves, allowing him to walk, run and jump as long as the boots are worn. The boots cannot work with any one else due to it being plugged into and attuned to Buddy’s nervous system. The Jumpin' Boots kick with the force of a hydraulic jack, shattering stone and denting steel. In his civilian ID, Buddy walks with the help of Loftstrand crutches. Due to his years on crutches, Buddy has excellent upper-body strength

In addition to his boots, Bedbug carries several gadgets on his person:
Headgear - His antennea shaped headgear holds a GPS, police scanner and mobile phone. His goggles have infra-red capability.
Bug-Bite Blaster - mounted in his gauntlet that fires a powerful electrical bursts that can stun an opponent.
Flexi-Steel Cable - mounted in his gauntlet. A gas powered cartridge fires the swingline and grapnel.
Utility Belt - This belt houses the following items: exploding pellets, "Nighty Night" sleeping gas pellets, a "bug-light" flashlight, and snacks.

(Illustration by Scott Rogers)