Sunday, March 18, 2018

Bedbug appears in POWERUP board game!

Ramon Redondo Perez is a Spanish designer whose video game inspired board game POWERUP is currently on Kickstarter.

I was immediately charmed by the clever concept (a 2D dungeon-crawl - why didn't I think of that?) and the 16-bit graphics (having been a video game artist earlier in my career) and I backed the game. When Senor Perez discovered I backed the game, he excitedly asked permission to included Bedbug as a character in the MERC expansion.
No sooner had I said "yes" than did he produce the card that will feature Bedbug! I must say, Bedbug looks pretty great as a retro-video game character. I wonder if Player One would approve... more likely he'd get jealous!

If you want to buy the game (which is due out this fall) and the MERC expansion with Bedbug, back the game at the DELUXE level.  And many thanks to Ramon for including Bedbug into his awesome POWERUP game!