Thursday, February 28, 2013

Letters! We want letters! Lots and lots of letters!


Hey all, one of the things I loved about comics was the personal connection that formed between the readers and the creators via the letters column. When I was younger (OK, when I was in college), I would write into my favorite comics to discuss the events of the latest issue.

Remember, this was waaaay before the internet allowed a fan to directly talk to a comic creator (Directly talk to the people who made comics? Was such a thing possible? It was like talking to God!) or at least the editor. Though I wrote many times, I wasn't published very often. I guess I was no T.M. Maple, Scribbler or Uncle Elvis when it came to crafting compelling letters to the editor. My crowning acheivement was when one of my letters was published in Batman #0 - I was a part of Batman history!

Now that I start to assemble Bedbug #1, I realize that the comic wouldn't be complete without it's own letters column. Here's where YOU come in. I need letters!! Since the comic hasn't come out yet, what the heck can you to me write about? Here's some ideas: Do you have any questions about Bedbug? Do you have any thoughts about his previous adventures found in Shooting Star Comics Anthology? (They're all available for free here on this webpage) Who is your favorite Bedbug character? How about some fan art? Send me a letter about any of these and you might have your it selected to be answered in Bedbug #1! (That's way better than being in a 0 issue!)

All you have to do is mail me at
Thanks and see you on the letter pages!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Leaping into action!

Just had to share this awesome image of Bedbug by Sam Ellis - who draws a story for the upcoming Bedbug Comic! Coming for sure in 2013! Keep peeled for more info!