Thursday, June 4, 2015

June 14th is Bedbug day!

What is Bedbug day?

It's the Mighty Bedbug's Birthday. Celebrate by sharing your artwork of the greatest indy single-father superhero!

We want to see your drawings of Bedbug and his rogues gallery! We want to see your digital paintings! We want to see your drawings! We want to see your sculptures! We want to see your digital models! We want to see your custom action figures! We want to see your knitted figures! Please send us your Bedbug art!*

And the best part about Bedbug day? It's Bedbug's birthday, but YOU get the gift!! When you create and send a jpg of Bedbug fan art, I will draw and send you an original Bedbug drawing!

Send a jpg of your art to and we'll showcase it here, on Twitter (@mightybedbug) and on Facebook ( on June 14th - Bedbug day! Be sure include your name and address so we can give you credit and your sketch!

Here's a few beautiful pieces of Bedbug art to get you inspired!

Knitted Bedbug doll by Amy

Digital Model by Simon
Drawing by Mike

Drawing by Daniel
3D sculpture by Evelyn
Digital Drawing by Jeremy
Action figure by Scott
*Please, no artwork with profanity, obscenity or ultra-violence. Punching a bad guy in the face is OK, though.
NOTE: Only pictures received before or on Sunday June 14th, 2015 will qualify for a Bedbug drawing. By sending a picture, you allow Scott Rogers to post or print the image for promotional and bragging purposes. Thanks for participating!