Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Bedbug #1 sneak peak #2!

Sometimes I forget that there might actually be people looking forwards to Bedbug #1 and might actually want to see a sneak peak from time to time.

Let's check in to see what Bedbug is up to...

Looks like our hero is in a bit of trouble. I'm sure all of those super villains - Scrapper, Player One, Boogeyman, Rook and Calamity - are just saying hello to Bedbug and not going to do anything bad to him, right? Right?

Check back again soon for more updates!


DadaHyena said...

Supervillains! The number one thing I look forward to in every new comic! Looks like this despicable crew are going to be interesting.

Scott Rogers said...

Many of these despicable villains have appeared in previous Bedbug tales - make sure you check them out on this very blog!