Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Win Free Bedbug Comics!!

Hey all! I know you're out there! I see that counter going up every day! I want you to sound off! To post your comments and feedback about the posts and comics! From now until August 31, everyone who posts a comment will be entered in a contest for a set of all EIGHT Shooting Star Comics and specials and I'll even throw in an original sketch of Bedbug for ya!


Scott Rogers said...

I guess no one likes free comics any more?? :(

Mike Likes said...

As an owner of a comic & game store, this is definitely the type of story that we need more of. From what I've seen here, I think this character would appeal to all ages. Great work, Scott!

Scott Rogers said...

Thanks Mike! Hopefully, you'll like the upcoming Bedbug #1!