Friday, June 14, 2013


Bedbug #1 is coming out June 19th and will be carried by some of the finest comic stores including COLLECTOR'S PARADISE!

If you live in the valley, you've seen comic book stores come and go, but one store that's stuck it out is Collector's Paradise in Winnetka.

Over the years, it's been great to see owners Ed and Joe turn Collector's Paradise into a high-quality store and a great meeting place for the comic-loving community. They have a great selection of trade paperbacks and new books, they host weekly heroclix and card game tournaments, they carry tons of toys and shirts, they have a fun kid's section, they host tons of events including signing (hey, howabout one for Bedbug?) and they even have an art gallery where you can buy original artwork... Collector's Paradise has pretty much everything a comic fan could want... including BEDBUG #1!

I'm proud to call Collector's Paradise MY store... it's where I buy my weekly books and banter with Nick and Andrew and the rest of the staff about the weekly geekery. (If you catch me there, I'll be happy to sign your BEDBUG #1 for you!)

Recently Collector's Paradise opened a second location in Pasadena, you can get BEDBUG #1 there too! I'm proud to have BEDBUG #1 carried at both Collector's Paradise locations - if you're in the Valley or Pasadena, make sure to get your copy there and tell 'em Bedbug sent ya!

7131 Winnetka Ave
Winnetka, CA 91306
818 999-9455

319 South Arroyo Parkway #4
Pasadena, CA 91105
626 577-6694

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