Sunday, January 6, 2008

Secret Origin File #3: Player One

Secret Origin File 003: PLAYER ONE
Real Name: Reginald Elizabeth Sloots

A sore loser and an even poorer winner, Player One is video-game themed villain who squandered his trust fund to finance his game-themed crimes. His compulsion to “collect them all” drives him to stealing entire holiday shipments of the latest game system to sell on ebay to robbing game show contestants of their winnings (including the home versions!) He has to be the first to own the newest gadget, gizmo and software on the market, and if he can’t have it first, he’ll steal it first.

Weapons and abilities:
His primary weapon is a "power glove" that creates and controls robotic minions and hard-light holograms avatars as well as fires a deadly "photonic blast" of energy.

(illustration by Brian Wanamaker)

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